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Google ‘Bark Mulch’

You’re located in Vancouver, or the Lower Mainland, and google: ‘bark mulch’,  our efforts with Triple Five Quality Wood shows results! Working on keywords has been a journey as we started from no website to being up front with prospective mulch buyers!  Check us out: They have multiple locations, all of which are pins on

How We Work – Part I – EMAILS

How do we work at Vogt Visuals? Google is our friend. Besides having the world’s information available to us in nano-seconds, I use GoogleMail aka GMail to manage my emails, business and all tasks and communication! This is how: Email Addresses Vogt Visuals recommends and assists companies to manage their email through a stand-alone Google

Design Update: Marketing Materials

Below is a collection of marketing materials I’ve done for a variety of clients ! Most are email fliers, PDF, JPG, which can double nicely to craigslist etc.  I really like doing these! Thanks for viewing!        


Just wanted to let everyone know that Vogt Visuals is really an exciting thing for me. I cannot believe the ever encouraging support from our network – especially with business referrals. We couldn’t have done it without you guys! I’ve never had so much fun working with you! Our favorite referrals so far: The lovely

Core Website Updated.

Vogt Visuals is a selfless industry, yet we had to give ourselves (and brand) some love. Announcing our new website!  New Portfolio, new homepage, new look! The last 3 months have been so busy. Lecturing Web Business and Marketing in Vancouver, plus expanding the Vogt Visuals team to better meet the demand.  More to come!

Portfolio Updated, Increased 3

Hey everyone, a few more satisfied customers: Maple Washing Triple Five Quality Wood The Answer Garden Products Head over to our portfolio for more! Thanks for viewing.  

Expert Advice for Web Designers

A wonderful panel of designers talk about some burning issues.  It’s a year old now, but still exceptional information for the rest of us! Burning questions?  Such as: What should we study? Balance education and work Advancing Careers Launching Business foto-credit

Mind Mapping Online!

My fellow teaching colleague, Bree Smith (from pointed me towards the best mind mapping software available online! It’s called