so what is this?


V ogt Visuals was founded in 2005 by Matthew Vogt (pronounced vote... like a mayor). Initially, Matthew Vogt was interested in 3D animation and computer graphics. The company was formed to invoice contract work for a variety of digital projects, simple websites, 3D animation, educational materials - all related to the digital art medium.  A requirement of the graphic industry is clarity of message, through the internet mediums: pages, blogs, videos and galleries; humble beginnings as we increased in skill.

Matthew Vogt's Portfolio:  http://MattVogt.com

M atthew has been a WordPress developer since 2006, and is experienced with it as an online framework/platform.  In 2009, I was approached by friends to help with their websites:  coding, artwork, and most importantly marketing.  Vogt Visuals happily completed sites for others and the word spread rapidly that a small company could produce amazing results in a short amount of time, within budget.  Our approach with sustainable business ethics holds true to our vast array of clients today.

We strive to:

  • Create sustainable websites
  • Educate
  • Treat people like we would like to be treated
  • Give the best possible outcome within the given parameters.

Matthew's personal site, http://MattVogt.com features tutorials and artwork in the creative fields he enjoys; he's been spotted lecturing web marketing, web business, business communications and photoshop in a few Vancouver colleges as well.

"It's about sharing what you have with others, if people don't know websites, I'd love to help them!  These skills are something I've earned through an array of challenges; challenges which I wouldn't recommend to others, or repeat myself.  Let our past experiences help you and your projects today!"

-Matthew Vogt


Currently, (2011 & 2012) Vogt Visuals works with a variety of strategic team members helping people reach people. It's a type of energy:  Artwork, WordPress, Marketing.