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What does Google look at when indexing your webpage?

ORGANIC listings?

Is it possible to be # 1?

How much time?

The wonderful information age artists, over at SEO-MOZ, wrote out the following list.  A shopping-list of website requirements; any developer worth his salt must noticeably have satisfy at least a couple of them? Even if you're not a tech and don't know what an h1 tag is, you still can see if the "keyword".  Does the keyword apear in the a web address? ?  What about the keyword being bold?  SEO ?  An image would make sense too...  with it as a alt tag.

SEO Vogt Visuals

Keyword: the targeted term satisfying your audience's connection to your content.  The best content right?

Personally, the tricky part isn't satisfying the ever changing requirements - it's picking the right terms to rock without loosing sight of your development's purpose.  How can you niche target as well stay open to the rest?  Actions speak louder than words, I blog about the stuff I'd like to be found out about; or more accurately, just share what's good to be found and people will find you.

The list:

  • Use the keyword in the title tag at least once, and possibly twice (or as a variation) if it makes sense and sounds good (this is subjective, but necessary). Try to keep the keyword as close to the beginning of the title tag as possible. More detail on title tags follows later in this section.
  • Once in the H1 header tag of the page.
  • At least 3X in the body copy on the page (sometimes a few more times if there’s a lot of text content). You may find additional value in adding the keyword more than 3X, but in our experience, adding more instances of a term or phrase tends to have little to no impact on rankings.
  • At least once in bold. You can use either the <strong> or <b> tag, as search engines consider them equivalent.
  • At least once in the alt attribute of an image on the page. This not only helps with web search, but also image search, which can occasionally bring valuable traffic.
  • Once in the URL. Additional rules for URLs and keywords are discussed later on in this section.
  • At least once (sometimes 2X when it makes sense) in the meta description tag. Note that the meta description tag does NOT get used by the engines for rankings, but rather helps to attract clicks by searchers from the results page (as it is the “snippet” of text used by the search engines).

and (amazing reference indeed)

Thank you SEO MOZ


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